Home automation and Ambient Assisted Living
Creation Date: 2004
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ArieLAB Srl is established as a spin-off of the Polytechnic University of the Marches in December 2004. The business started in 2005. The strength of the company ArieLAB is its great ability to adapt to the evolution of technology and requests of the market. And it is thanks to this characteristic, which bases the foundations on a young operating structure and academic extraction, that ArieLAB stands as a point of reference for the implementation of the most modern ICT technologies.

ArieLAB offers its own research and development contribution to support the competitiveness of companies and the introduction of new technologies into the market, able to provide innovative and customized solutions based on specific customer requests.
In particular, ArieLAB has developed skills in the context of Digital Terrestrial Television, in the design and development of hw / sw solutions applied to Domotics and Ambient Assisted Living (AAL).

The research has in fact allowed the development of innovative technologies but at the same time extremely simplified for the user, who can manage the domestic environment while sitting in the chair, with the TV remote control, or from the bedside table, with a touch screen monitor, but also with a panel pc also touchscreen from a wheelchair or with a mobile phone. For example, the implemented features allow you to see who is calling from outside the home, via a video door phone, and possibly open the door, or to call a set of predefined numbers on the phone, identified by images that allow an immediate identification.

At the same time, with these techniques you can turn on / off the lights, close / open the windows and shutters, all without the need to move, but with the touch on a screen or the press of a button on the remote control. The system also helps to remember medical treatments, sending appropriate warnings on the TV while watching your favorite programs or listing all the medicines to be taken throughout the day.

A series of functionalities therefore of extreme importance, aimed at increasing the degree of autonomy of the user, allowing him a more serene and peaceful life in his own home environment. What is implemented is the first step towards the development of a complete assisted living environment, a technological area, this, of recognized importance also at the community level for the possibility of extending more and more over time the ability of the elderly or disabled to reside autonomously in the own home.