Via del Commercio, 29
60127 Ancona (AN)
Phone: 800 26 26 96

Multiservizi Spa is a public company founded by the merger of Gorgovivo and Cisco Acque, two companies in the province of Ancona for over 30 years. From the 1st January 2004 Multiservizi SpA is the sole manager of the Integrated Water Service, in accordance with the Convention stipulated with the Authority No. 2 Marche Centro Ancona, on a territory of 43 Municipalities of the provinces of Ancona and Macerata. The Integrated Water Service is made up of all the public services for the collection, supply and distribution of water and sewerage and waste water purification, as well as the disposal of residual sludge, as required by current legislation. The managed plants consist of 5,200 km of aqueduct networks, 2,000 km of sewers and 41 purifiers. The total utilities amount to 220,000 for a volume of water invoiced for about 28 million cubic meters. It is one of the largest utilities in the Marche region for servants, around 400,000.